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ftp access


If you need to send an image that is larger than 5MB you should upload it to us via our Online File Folder. Please follow our instructions below for uploading to our client file folder:

  1. To upload your files you will first need to request for a username and password.  Please email your request to or call us at 1-888-290-4049.
  2. Once you have a login and password, Type on your Web Browser: and login.
  3. You can create a folder of your own and upload your file(s)
  4. After you have uploaded your file(s) you will need to send us an email with instructions. Please e-mail your instructions to or

Electronic Files:
We can support artwork created in the following applications:
QuarkXPress (Mac & PC)
Freehand (Mac)
Adobe Illustrator (Mac & PC)
Adobe Photoshop (Mac & PC)

Artwork Specifications:
Set your document size to the exact size of your finished piece. If your design includes images or color fills that extend to the edge of your final printed page, you must create bleeds, make sure your images or color fills extend 1/8" past the page edge
• Include all page layout files- .qxd
• Include all art support files- .tif or .eps
• Include all printer and screen fonts.
Freehand/ Adobe Illustrator
• Save as .eps. Include any placed images
• Create outlines on all text, or include all printer and screen fonts.
Adobe Photoshop
• Not recommended for art with small text. (72 dpi) is too low to print a quality product
• Save as .eps or .tif
• 300 dpi
• Convert color files to CMYK mode

Thank you for using our Online File Folder!