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Legal Notice Placement in Argentine Newspapers

We place your court-ordered legal notice in the most appropriate newspaper according to your needs.

You'll notice how easy, fast and efficient we make this happen.

- Placement of your court-ordered legal notice in any of the below newspaper(s)
- Certified translating into Spanish
- Notarized Affidavit of Publication with tear sheet (proof of publication)
- Pre-press proof of notice to final size

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Newspapers in Argentina:

La Nacion Newspaper in Argentina

La Nación

Type: Daily newspaper
Format: Tabloid on weekdays, broadsheet on weekends
Owner(s): Mitre Family
Publisher: Bartolomé Mitre
Founded: January 4, 1870
Political alignment: Centre-Right, Economic liberalism
Language: Spanish
Headquarters: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Circulation: 160,000


Clarin Newspaper in Argentina


Clarín (Spanish meaning "Bugle") is the largest newspaper in Argentina, published by the Grupo Clarín media group.

Clarín is part of Periódicos Asociados Latinoamericanos (Latin American Newspaper Association), an organization of fourteen leading newspapers in South America.

Type: Daily newspaper
Format: Tabloid
Owner: Clarín Group
Founded: August 28, 1945
founded by: Roberto Noble
Political alignment: Progressivism, Centrism, Developmentalism
Headquarters: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Circulation: 270,444


Ambito Financiero Newspaper in Argentina

Ámbito Financiero

It was initially sold in downtown Buenos Aires, covering mainly the daily prices of the U.S. dollar, gold, stocks, etc., and included other editorials. The newspaper became successful, making it a reliable source of reference to investors and operators of the city.

Type: Daily newspaper
Owner: Editorial Amfin S.A.
Publisher: Orlando Vignatti
Founded: December 9, 1976
Founded by: Economist Julio A. Ramos
Language: Spanish
Headquarters: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Circulation: 100,000


El Cronista Newspaper in Argentina

El Cronista

A daily business newspaper published in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The most valued economy, business and finance newspaper with more than 100 years of experience. It was the first business daily newspaper in Argentina. In 1994, it was the first newspaper in Argentina to publish online.

Type: Daily business newspaper
Format: Tabloid
Founded: November 1, 1908
Headquarters: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Founded by: Martin Giménez Antonio
Language: Spanish
Circulation: 58,000
Distribution: National

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