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Legal Notice Placement in Colombia Newspapers

We place your court-ordered legal notice in the most appropriate newspaper according to your needs.

You'll notice how easy, fast and efficient we make this happen.

- Placement of your court-ordered legal notice in any of the below newspaper(s)
- Certified translating into Spanish
- Notarized Affidavit of Publication with tear sheet (proof of publication)
- Pre-press proof of notice to final size

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Newspapers in Colombia:

El Colombiano Newspaper in Colombia

El Colombiano

El Colombiano is the leading newspaper in Antioquia, Colombia
Founded: February 6, 1912
Headquarters: Medellin, Colombia


El Mercurio Newspaper in Chile

El Heraldo

Type: Daily newspaper
Format: Broadsheet
Founder: Juan Fern?ndez Ortega, Luis Eduardo Manotas Llin?s,
Alberto Pumarejo Vengoechea
Publisher: Editorial El Heraldo S.A.
Founded: October 28, 1933
Political alignment: Centre-left
Language: Spanish
Headquarters: Barranquilla, Atl?ntico, Colombia


El Mundo Newspaper in Colombia

El Mundo

El Mundo is a major newspaper in Medellin, Antioquia, Colombia

Type: Daily newspaper
Format: Broadsheet (74.9 x 59.7 cm)
Headquarters: Medell?n, Antioquia
Distribution: Metropolitan area of Valle del Abur?
Founded: Abril 20, 1979
Genre: Noticioso
Political ideology: Liberal
Language: Spanish


El Espectador Newspaper in Colombia

El Espectador

Type: Daily newspaper
Format: Tabloid
Publisher: Fidel Cano Correa
Founded: March 22, 1887
Political alignment: Centre-left
Language: Spanish
Headquarters: Bogot?, Colombia
Circulation: 50,000 (Mon?Sat) 190,000 (Sun)


El Pais Newspaper in Colombia

El Pais

Type: Daily newspaper
Format: Broadsheet
Founder: ?lvaro Lloreda Caicedo
Publisher: Diario El Pais S.A.
Founded: April 23, 1950
Political alignment: Centre-right
Language: Spanish
Headquarters: Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia
Circulation: 69,610 Daily


El Tiempo Newspaper in Colombia

El Tiempo

Type: Daily newspaper
Format: Broadsheet
Owner: Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo
Founder: Alfonso Villegas Restrepo
Publisher: Casa Editorial El Tiempo S.A.
Founded: January 30, 1911
Political alignment: Centrism
Language: Spanish
Headquarters: Bogot?, D.C., Colombia
Circulation: 1,137,483 Daily readers
1,921,571 Sunday readers


El Universal Newspaper in Colombia

El Universal

Type: Daily newspaper
Format: Broadsheet
Founders: Domingo L?pez Escauriaza, Eduardo Ferrer Ferrer
Publisher: Editora del Mar S.A.
Founded: March 8, 1948
Political alignment: Centre-left
Language: Spanish
Headquarters: Cartagena, Bol?var, Colombia
Circulation: 25,000 Daily, 32,000 Sunday


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