QR Menus,

you'll never print another menu

A practical solution for restaurants.


So easy, so fast, so economical

Our solution to a touch-free ordering process is simple. The customer scans a QR Code from the table or a wall and your menu quickly appears on the screen. We have even included a short survey so customers can rate your restauarant. You receive the survey immediately upon "Submit".

QR Code to Menu:

QR Menu

Menu to Survey:

QR Menu Survey

Benefits of QR Menus:

• Zero contact
Zero paper waste
• Survey and rating form
SUPER EASY: We do all the work
Just one QR code for all your menus

See How it Works:

Scan the QR Menu Code or click here to see a sample menu and a sample survey.
QR Code Restaurant Menu

Cost: $33usd/month with no Additional Fees

QR code with unlimited usage and unlimited tables
Main photo (provided by the restaurant)
• Digitized menu
• Survey and rating form
• Full color menus with photos available



QR Menu


QR Code Restaurant Menu


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