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Your Business and Today's Marketing

Get the most out of the Internet and put today's technology to work for you. Advertising in general has changed dramatically in the recent past. What worked before just won't cut it today. Your business must adapt to the new marketing trends. So if you're willing to shift your gears a little, our expertise will take you beyond your greatest expectations.

Since 1984, International Advertising has provided its clients with access to the latest marketing trends such as today's social media marketing and networking strategies. We offer advertising agency services of all aspects in various industries including advertising hospitality/travel, aerspace, maritime, manufacturing/distribution, fashion and food. It is safe to say that we can guarantee excellent creativity and quality which allow us to deliver superior marketing tools within predetermined budgets and deadlines.

International Advertising, Inc. consists of personnel with expertise in electronic and print marketing, graphic design and photography as well as the required technical, logistical and administrative support geared towards achieving your greatest goals and objectives through advertising and promotion.

Through a mutual accord, upon a granted interview, we will know how to interpret your necessities in order to significantly influence your potential clientele through ideas and images that will spark a favorable response. We will create the interest needed to stimulate your bottom line.

We put ourselves in your shoes